Boutique Production with Serial Technology

Ulutas factory is moutly made up of, furnishing automation system according to bulk production machines and manufacturing units which are designed unique. However the firm differs from others with the usage of unique manufacturing of machine made means of production.

These facilities mootly established according to machine made serial production and being actuated in Europe. In order to see this difference, visitors are coming from abroad to Ulutaş from time to time. Fixtures that has a great processing capacity, are the basic components of accurate and impecable manufacturing.

The firm there are 200 workers with the managerial stuff there are 100 people in facility and 80 people in montage team. The facility is 6000 m² and in two of the floors there are production lines and in the other two floors. There are design work and adminisrative offices.

There is division of labour in the facility and production is sing-shift of production. One of the most important reason of this, is the result of the difficultie when one wroker’s work being spelled by the other workers. Generally there will be no need to overtime when a firm works scheduled.

You can find the presentation of the modern and automated systems and machine course which we have used for serial a boutique production below.

Furniture Production Line

Plywood sourced materials production and calibrating, 5-axis CNC work, plating and coating cutting jobs, mold top vacuum presses manufacturing, mass production line, chrome and grinding workshop and mainly done manually fine-grained product works facility on the ground floor preparation is carried out in line with the furniture.


Calibrating machines are used for flat surfaces for edges and curved surfaces are processed by experienced masters in air pressure system cabin.


The membrane press machine is made in USA, it can press 800 degrees Celsius with micro waves on the wood model.


Machines are used for large and flat surfaces for processing by experienced masters. Machine equipment directions and manufacturing instructions are hanging on the close walls of the operators.

Furniture Finishing Line

Capable of processing large series of furniture designed for the production line of machines where the finish line preparation materials from some furniture sanding, paint, lacquer, polishing, quality control, packaging and assembly is done in some parts.


Calibrating machines are used for flat surfaces for edges and curved surfaces are processed by experienced masters in air pressure system cabin.


There are five finish coat with circulation of air and pressure cabins, it blochs to ride out the dust.


All panels and furnitures dried in accordance with technical data sheet of equipments and materials. Insulation and fans are always active against humidity and dust.


All panels and calibrate by computer – controlled sanding machines detecting difference of surface panels.


The scale board is colored by lasers and dried for several times. The lacquer is done in a very short time in this unit.


The pieces came out from the abrasive calibrating unit and polished by a unit which is moving left and right. The surfaces are got their last shape  and cleaned, after these procedures are finished, touching could leave mark in some critical surfaces.


This unit removes away the dust from the pieces by brushes. After removing, the static electric is also taken by another unit. Other part of the unit is also taking the proportions of the pieces. with the help of the proportions saved in the computer, the robots are painting the pieces according to their size and after the painting finished the pieces are taken to the part for the drying process. All these process are done by robots. At the end of this process the pieces come to the end of band and kept there to be taken, if the pieces are not taken from the band it stops itself automatically. All the units in the workplaces are design according to personal and equipment safety rules.


Some of portable small pieces are installed in the workplace. The pieces which are labeled and special for different boats are not installed in the workplace. The interior pieces are kept safetely with the peelaway sprey to avoid damages could be caused by transportation.

Quality Control

After work finishes, the pieces are checked by quality control department by different people with red, yellow and blue stickers. After quality control, if the pieces are going to be installed in boat they got packed and if not, they are installed in the work place.

Air Conditioning Unit

Our Air Conditioner has the power to heat a building with 18 storeys.  This Air Conditioner have took the air from the outside of the building and its began to filtered the air than clean the air after passed the clean air to robots and cabins. This system helps to keep the air in constant head and humidify as the compressors, dryers and the coolers need.

Camera Systems

Our camera system could show details from the wrist watch of our employees by using joystick. We need this system to control the workers everywhere and every time.

Setup Application

The works which are done so far until the beginning time, are being documentated daily by photographies and written documents.